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Monday, January 23


 Having not done anything to this for a week, I thought it was time to resume with a little less urgency. I suppose as soon as something like this becomes onerous it's time to leave it for a little while. In the last week I have been cycling a lot, been to Suffolk (nice) and have been trying to get a lot of work done, without a lot of success.

My 6-day-week approach is great, as long as you're not so tired you take the afternoon off on a Wednesday!

I have been scouring the Internet and I have discovered an amazing fact. In 1894, a Peruvian chap named Jose Luis Ranvuto became the first person ever to train a snake to ride a unicycle while dressed as a gorilla. Amazing. And possibly untrue. Discovered this week that I can commute faster on the fixed-wheel than I can with gears. Not sure why. Back to the books!

Oh, one more thing - the Eagle-eyed of you will see that Hamster-Cam isn't working today. They signed a petition yesterday demanding 24hrs of privacy under the Data Protection Act. Who am I to argue?


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