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Monday, July 31


Did a sprightly spin down to Brighton yesterday with a couple of dudes who were faster than me. The route certainly played to their strengths, and involved several biggish hills. Now I am not at the peak of fitness but I did think I would manage a little better than I did. Time to shed a few kilos I think!

Although I got sunburnt my legs aren't sore. After the ride I chilled out in Brighton, waiting for my other half to come down in the car. We made a day of it, and mooched round the shops, went to the beach and had a lovely time. It was the last time we would go anywhere in the "old" car...

We have a break in the weather coming up, looking forward to thundery showers, which I like.

Oh, and the Landis hole deepens, with the weekend revelations that isotopic analysis has revealed synthetic (or at least exogenic) testosterone in his samples. When will he admit it do you think? I reckon it will be Tyler Hamilton v.2.0.


Blogger Urban Commuter said...

Thanks for your post Lewis :-)

Do you really own ALL those bikes at the same time?!?!

03 August, 2006 19:50  

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