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Friday, July 21


Riding in this morning was a real pleasure. I left a bit earlier than usual because I have a killer workload, which meant that I caught onto the commuter 'autobus' through the Isle of Dogs. Awesome.

I managed to latch onto a dude on a hybrid fitted with Mavic Speed City wheels and XT clipless pedals. Bit of a sleeper actually, and quite fast. We cut through the peloton - I lost him a couple of times because he was making questionable traffic decisions (undertaking a bus 50m before a stop?) but I would get back with a little out-of-the-saddle kick. Just as I was about to take my turn at the front he turned off... then the fun began.

As I arrived at the A13, someone on a fast s/s (Langster or perhaps an older Dolan I think) shot past. A quick RLJ and I was on him, reeling him in over Limehouse and towards the turn for the Link tunnel. 0900 and I'm blinking sweat from my eyes, forcing the cranks round to the mental rhythm. As I come closer he notices me and speeds up, even indicating a pothole or two with a hand-flick. This guy's good - obviously a club rider and cognisant of road-etiquette.

Today I don't think there was a winner. We had a rewarding and fast ride in, sharing turns at the front and travelling fast enough to hold the lane. Once at Aldgate, I was ahead. Went through an amber / red and he followed. Then along Bevis Marks, Camomile St and London Wall (there's always a savage headwind there, funnelled by buildings). One minute he was there, next minute a whistle, a wave and I was on my own again. Kept the pace high with burning legs, missed a lady-cyclist who jumped a red across my lane by centimetres and pulled into the office gasping, ready for work. Wicked.


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