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Thursday, July 20

Commuter Racing

Cruised into work today on my 42x15 fixed-wheel bike.  Following the river west, upstream, my route takes me from the high-rise of Canary Wharf along the urban dragstrip of the A13, through the heart of the old City of London and on to Bloomsbury.  With a couple of short exceptions, it's all slightly uphill, which makes it a grind on a roasting week like this has been!  Good for the legs though.

Last night I was chuffed to beat "chunky MTB dude", a guy who lives near me.  We have never spoken, but he speeds up on his bike if he sees me coming, and always resists an overtake.  Some days when I have a heavy bag or I've done a lot of miles he beats me. But yesterday he got beaten fair and square, thanks to a kick and a tricksy switch to the centre of the road - no drafting for him.  Hammer down for a km, and he blew. 

Air conditioning in the office isn't working today, which makes work a sweaty affair, especially after the ride in.  Had a litre of fresh juice and some melon at my desk to restock and stave off calf-cramp, which gets me on the hot days (maybe isotonic coffee in the office would fix that, he he).  Laptop running at 60 degrees plus, I'd better stop working it so hard and do some reading.  More later.  Hope my commuting nemesis doesn't return the favour tonight - my bag's going to be a killer!


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