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Wednesday, July 19


Here we are! New blog. By me. About stuff.

I had a go at making something like this when I got a webcam. I thought it would be a crime against internet-enabled humanity to *not* publish "hamstercam", so I nabbed the domain. That link's broken now because I've gone all spangly and gone to Blogger. If you wanna see the old stuff, click here - last known webcam pic here.

It was not a success: too much like hard work. If you fancy a bit of web-stalking I also (half-heartedly) run and PM-04 was a cool project, but I don't really have time to keep the website up-to-date. So there.

More on me (well, my CV) at As if you hadn't had enough already. Hottest day on record, ever, here in London. 35 degrees! ouch.

I am finalising my PhD at University College in London, studying the Social and Economic Value of EO data. Essentially, I play with satellite images on a computer all day. Outside work I ride bikes. Currently I have four, two of which are 'projects'.

My work bike is a fixed-wheel, so it has one gear. The other is a Sunday bike - custom made for my dimensions (I have long legs and short-ish arms), with lots of carbon fibre and superlight bits. It's a steel frame, which is really out-of-fashion at the moment, but I love it.


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