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Saturday, July 22

Photos Online!

As you may see if you come in through the 'top' level of the site I have a new frames-based top bar. This allows you to switch between the blog view and my **NEW** photo gallery. The bar also stays put if you follow an external link, so you can always return, without resorting to the "back" button.

Actually the gallery isn't new, but it has been migrated from, where the server is full and not performing well (they broke the PHP installation and ever since my gallery has been a bit wrong). Eventually the Pan-Med expedition pics will be seperated from my personal snaps and integrated into the expedition web page, but that time-gobbling job can wait till I've finished studying. In the meantime there are some pics up here if you want to look - the gallery app is a newer version, too.

Have just witnessed Floyd Landis routing Pereiro Sio to win the maillot jaune just in time to wear it into Paris. Not sure I'm happy about that as a result (and is Landis really clean? - not according to this, see 10th July news), but the race is almost over.

More soon. Finally the weather broke here and we've had proper storms. Love it.


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