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Monday, July 24

Yellow Bike

Finally had to come into the office - rode in on the yellow bike (my Sirius 653). Had very mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand it's very manouverable, precise and fast - much more so than my Pompino. On the other it's complicated and expensive, and the ability to freewheel, although a feature of just about every bike made in the last 50 years, seems to take away from the purity of the ride somehow. I felt lazy and disconnected when I freeewheeled.

Actually I find that I coast a *lot* less than I used to pre-fixed. I also tend to change gear less, perhaps because I'm stronger. The gearing on my road bike isn't quite right. It has a 39/53 chainring combination and a 12-23 cassette. I find that most of the time I'm on 39/13 or so (a gear of 79 inches, about the same as my fixie).

Task for today is to get someone to give me a crank magnet for the cadence thingy on the computer. Another couple of wheel magnets wouldn't go astray either. I haven't used a bike computer in ages. Apparently I was spinning along at about 19mph average today. Assuming it's right. Which I don't. More (yes, more) college writing now.


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