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Wednesday, August 30


So I'm riding home and things are going OK, except I can't work out why Supertramp keep coming round on the iPod.  

I'd been following a lady in a Corsa for best part of a mile round the Isle of Dogs.  She slows down a bit and starts indicating right (irritatingly in that order).  As I decide to go past her on the inside, she changes her mind and rapidly pulls into the kerb, still indicating right.   

Having used ninja braking and ESP to avoid a horrible accident I knocked on her window.  She had a nice face and was very polite - but could not see that she had done anything wrong, which made it all the scarier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

would have been a shame to bend your lovely boeris...

31 August, 2006 19:21  
Blogger Lewis said...

Oh yes, would have really ruined my day. May the sun shine on your riding, thanks for the comment!

31 August, 2006 22:05  

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