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Wednesday, August 9


Today's commute was livened up by a moron in a Mercedes death-machine, who decided to turn left at the last moment when he saw a traffic back-up ahead.  He didn't check his mirror.

Fortunately the whole episode took place at five or six miles per hour, so I was able to simultaneously hop onto the pavement and give the side of his car a hefty thump.  Actually, thinking back I could have just got out of the way.

That doesn't fit in with my position as a legitimate road user though, does it?  I'm glad I stood up fopr myself and defended my space in retrospect.  Had I been riding along with a new £3 mochalatte-cino in my hand, there would have been trouble.

PS > I think Greg Lemond is great, but I like a funny Greg-bashing article as much as anyone.


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