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Monday, August 14

Heavy Bag

Today I fitted full-length SKS mudguards, complete with mudflaps and reflector to my Pomp (which I have decided is no longer for sale).  I remembered why I bought it in place of a Condor Pista, as the threaded holes and eyelets made installation easy.  

I have learnt over the years that fitting mudguards to a bicycle cannot be rushed or they rub, clatter and eventually fall apart.  By the same rationale, cheap 'guards are a waste of time.   Just the right amount of threadlock, grease and washers are called for.  Using stainless allen-head fittings is a good idea.  I was surprised at how light-weight the 'guards were actually.

Feeling like I could ride to the south of France if I wanted to (where's my carradice?!) I popped into Lidl on my way into town.  This involved buying several bargain cycling tops (CoolMax for £5.99), tools and a new kitchen tap.  Holy moly was my bag heavy!  And I have to carry it all home.  

New bike had a blowout on the front tube, caused by knackered rim tape.  I'll ride it tomorrow and take some pictures, if it's not pouring with rain (like today)...


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