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Friday, August 25

A Nice Cup of Tea

It's going to be dry today so I'm riding my Boeris. It finally has proper track nuts instead of the scandalously cheapo ones included with the Surly Fixxer.

On the horizon is the bicycle film festival, which has special significance for me. It was the venue for the revelation of the depth and severity of my bike-geekiness to my girlfriend. She came with me to the special messenger night last year. I remember being a little worried that she'd be overwhelmed by the courier-culture and the sheer bicycle-intensity of it all. During a short film about the Japanese CMWC I turned to look at her and she was gripped. Good stuff. As always there is a courier-focus evening this year, with a new film about London messengers (who seem to have an irresistible draw for so-called "creatives"). Comment about that on MT here. For good US messenger films you should watch Lucas Brunelle's early work. Not sure if there's anything on the web from London. If you know of anything, post a comment / link!

Tonight is London Critical Mass. If you've never been and you have 7.5mb spare, you can download my video from a couple of years ago. There are more on the CM site. Be warned, it does tend to be full of activists who happen to ride bikes. And it is very, very slow!


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