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Thursday, August 17


Another thoughtful ride in, pondering the joys of a cycling life. It allows me to opt out of so much, to regain control over route, speed and mood. Even toiling into a howling headwind I am happier than I would be on a train with "a good book".

For a committed bikie like me, it's cheap too. Even the best stuff costs less than a few months on the train. This morning my mind kept returning to my wheels, which I built. It fills me with pride and satisfaction.

Recently I've been pottering a lot more. This means stopping at reds - a great excuse for one-hand trackstand practice - and generally being less pressed. I back off, I enjoy the journey. Unlike some people, I don't have any problem with being overtaken. It seems that a certain breed of commuter sees my baggy shorts, filthy Timbuk and SIDIs and assumes I'm fair game for a race. Nope.

If I have been working on the bike, chances are I've already done more miles that day than commuters do in a week. And if I've been to College I'm probably daydreaming or listening to relaxing music on my iPod. You can keep your race, and the oh-so-hollow victory of beating someone who is soft-pedalling.

It seems a little pointless sprinting for a red light that is 300m away anyway - typical pedalestrians and commuters obviously aren't looking 300m ahead.

This week I put an old tax disk on my bike, with "Ken, NO!" written on it. Perhaps he'll read it if I park up near City Hall. Doubt it.


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