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Wednesday, August 16


Last night I cut my nails so I could type faster today - this is just how serious I am.

Work is going slowly, hampered by technical difficulties that can only be resolved by UCL tech people. Writing is better, but still like getting blood from a stone. I had a dream last night that I failed the viva and left UCL with nothing.

On a more positive 2-wheeled note, had a good early ride in this morning (at my desk with a double-stregth Mocha and a yoghurt by 0900), although some dude on the A13 was driving me barmy by not letting me past. One of his moves is captured here, in my Idiot of the Day doodle. I wouldn't be so bothered, but stupid pedalestrians make my journey more dangerous!!

Brought my camera into work, and will take the FGG shots of the Boeris later. Also ran some '94 Campy Chorus calipers through the dishwasher last night. Worked like a charm and they came out sparkling.


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