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Friday, September 8

BFF Report

Last night I went to the Bicycle Film Festival - in its second year in London (I went last year as well).  

The programme included some classics (Lucas Brunelle's Moster Track, the very funny On Time and the Brazilian flatland BMX Docco) as well as a relatively high-budget new production called Pedal, which aimed to characterise NYC bike couriers.  I say "aimed" - well personally I think they failed. I was disappointed and I don't think Pedal gives a clear or representative impression.  In fact, I would almost say I feel let down, in an odd way - surprise surprise, the cliches of mucky but plucky messengers, some on crack, sleeping in the subway and in and out of jail emerged.  Very tired viewpoint, guys.

There were lots of messengers, ex-messengers and controllers at the screening; many were grumbling on the way to the exits, stating that many couriers are drug-free, articulate individuals making a considered life choice.  It seems that perhaps this is a difference between the US and European messenger scenes?  I'll write more and probably edit this little lot later.  Woot woot.


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