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Tuesday, September 5


Brilliantly productive quarter-hour spannering my bikes.  First did the top and bottom stops on the front mech of the yellow bike (see gallery), so I can now wang the d'tube shifter from one end to the other without unshipping the chain inside or out.  

Then I set about truing the rear wheel on my Pomp.  Within 5mins it was within 2mm of true, laterally and vertically.  Could be better but that the elusive final couple of mm could take another half an hour and I have work to do.  Noticed that I have broken one of the rollers on the chain.

Took some pics of my anti-Ken tax disk and of the m*dguards, which are complete with rear reflector and mud flap.  Yes, mud flap.  Now I am off to work fervently for the rest of the day. As if you needed to ask, delivery-guy hasn't shown up yet (he said "yet" - ha! what an optimist!)


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