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Tuesday, September 5


Today I am waiting for a delivery-person, who might smell bad and might be surly. In my experience this is likely. Despite the infor-super mation-highway and the digital interweb, the best they could give me was "Tuesday". Lucky for them I can work from home. Or some ass would get whupped (clearly not true).

Other than that I am marvelling at the stupidity of Ken again. We have a troubled relationship. Some things he says are cool (trams running on Oxford St and Lwr Regent St, replacing all motorised traffic). Then he says he wants numberplates on bicycles. Now he has started a "share the road" campaign. It is not, perplexingly, aimed at trying to get the drivers of murderous HGVs and cars to share peacefully.

Oh no. Ken has bigger fish to fry. Like catching people jumping red lights on bicycles, which hardly ever kills anyone, statistically. Ken is trying to buy popularity at the expense of a minority group. Again. Outside these ramblings, I have just finished an online personality test (for a J-O-B), which was troubling, and very hard work.

I must also true my rear wheel today. It was perfect for over a year of commuting, the Dun Run and numerous miles. Then I lent my bike to someone and now it has about 5mm of runout, which needs truing. Typical. To add to the fun it is unspeakably filthy. Yurgh.


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