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Tuesday, September 5


Well, what a surprise.  No bloody delivery.

In the best tradition of British customer service Comet promised me that my goods were on the delivery van, at just after 4pm.  This was after their promised delivery was between 7am and 6pm - this precipitated a day of monk-like meditation by the doorbell for me.  

At 6pm they told me that Parcelforce had held the goods after a failed attempt at delivery.  The Parcelforce helpline shuts at 6pm, and the tracking number given to me by Comet is wrong.  

When I called (just before 8pm) to complain to a supervisor and arrange delivery tomorrow to my work address I was put on hold, only to be cut off at 8.10 when they turned off the phone system.  Oh joy of joys.  Battle recommences tomorrow morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder people occasionally go on killing sprees with letter-openers, pursuing these call centres?

05 September, 2006 20:50  

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