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Wednesday, September 13

Wednesday Already?!?

I was feeling a little aggrieved when I was writing about the film festival, but this has mellowed down over a weekend away, including a trip to the Isle of Wight followed by a day visit to Cambridge. Very nice.

I still think "Pedal" is a load of sensationalistic, unrepresentative nonsense. But I'm not that bothered. Incidentally, I don't really agree with the review posted on MT: perhaps Jono was is a very good mood or summat? Mo' after the jump, as lots of bloggers seem to say. Look on eBay for loads of stuff I'm selling. Username is pob_vd. Link later. Buy something!

I've got a couple of interesting links to post later, but for now work calls. Huzzah. PS > Have been using the Boeris more than any other bike recently, which is effing awesome. Only blip was some prat undertaking me on a hybrid, as I soft-pedalled towards a red light. Nice one.

Share the Road is going very well - I have been jumping reds like never before. Arf Arf. What a renegade I am.


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