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Saturday, October 7

Bike Death

Docklands is a very strange and unusual place - where crack dealers and delinquent kids live in run-down estates opposite people driving fancy cars and living in half-million pound penthouses.

The result is that you can't be a normal person here and have anything nice. My bicycles obviously live inside the flat, but it seems that my motorcycle was fair game - I saw that it had been taken and immediately went to the local park, where I witnessed a gang of kids setting it on fire. Their motive for taking it was not to joy-ride, or to sell it on: they just wanted to watch it burn.

Look at the bike before and during its demise. Mindless and pointless destruction. It is frustrating to hear politicians discussing "rehabilitating" these kids. More and more, I think that compulsory parenting classes and national service would be a better solution. Discuss.


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