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Thursday, October 19


Today I was properly foiled by the weather. Yesterday I was riding my yellow bike in gloriously sunny climes and I thought to myself that I would pump the Boeris tyres up *really* hard and take it for a deserved spin today. When I woke this morning it was still in my mind: the thought of the humming of that trispoke.

I realised while I was stilll lying down that it wasn't going to happen. Fshhh. The noise of a street slick with rain. The noise of a "mudguards day". It would be a real shame to get the lo-pro filthy in the rain. I know that I won't have the time or inclination to clean it for a long time too. And it has some super-thin veloflex tyre on the front. Guaranteed puncture in the wet.

The yellow bike's great. I rode it the other day with an eye on the cadence display. I'm happy to report that my natural rpm is about 90 (correct, according to tradition and more recently Mike Burrows). Only problem is that I rarely achieve this in town on either fixie, so perhaps I should gear them down a little.

I suppose that would change the "workout" into more of a cardio / fat burn and less of a strength thing? Last time I went to a gym, many moons ago, we did Boat Club strength trials (a rowing thing) and I was pressing 200kg+ with one leg. Perhaps more strength isn't what I need! Last night there was a real oddity on BBC London news - a super-lame YouTube video. Rubbish. They're trying to show that they're down with the HyperNet.

In other news: tonight I'm riding a Honda to Portsmouth and I've just bought a BMW R1100RS. More, eventually.


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