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Monday, October 2

Monday Blues

The rain in London was pretty amazing yesterday - we're talking flashes of lightning and rain so torrential that I could hardly see the other side of the street from my flat. I loved it. There's something about really extreme UK weather that I really like; it's so elemental. I can't understand how someone can be afraid in thunderstorms. It's nature coming into the city and saying "hey! I'm still here dudes!" The rain seems to give the place a wash, and the sound of it falling and swishing in the streets is soothing.

Today is the first day back in the office for me for nearly 2 weeks. It's very hard work. I have also been off the bikes for a fortnight (during which time I've lost a kilo, probably in leg strength). I am actually dreading the ride because I know I'll feel weak, I'll be gasping up hummocks I normally batter over. It's going to be a literal uphill struggle to get back to riding fitness after a fortnight of char sui bau and noodles, as well as the odd egg tart. To top it off I have a horrible sinus cold, the result (I reckon) of dodgy air-con and a plane full of sick people on the way home. The other passengers smelt bad. Yurgh.

More later when I've dragged my complaining body into town. I also have over 2hrs of video to edit at some point. I'll wait till our new iMac arrives to do that though, spare the iBook another caning. Hee hee. PS > This morning I found a blinding bargain, which I am dying to buy: a Kuota Kharma frame in my size, new for a shade over £400. List price is £850. Hmm.


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