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Wednesday, October 4

Swish, swish

Last night at about 4:15pm I looked out of my office window and the ground was dry - furthermore there was a charming autumnal light bathing Gower Street. It occurred to me that perhaps I should have ridden in on one of my other bikes.

By the time I left at 5:45pm it was throwing it down with rain and it was getting dark.

I was luminous with smugness, bowling along with dry-ish feet and the knowledge that the insides of my full-length mudguards were getting soaked and covered in muck thrown up by the road. The best thing is that within 5mins of starting my trip, the actual rain had stopped so I had a really nice and quite fast ride home on soaking roads. My bike was even clean when I carried it up the stairs to the flat!

The mudguards have paid for themselves time and time again.


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