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Friday, June 22

Izzy Wizzy

I've been pretty busy with work and other stuff recently, so bloggering has been a pretty low priority, I admit. I've passed my PhD though, which is good. Call me the Doctor. Actually, there's an odd situation when it comes to school-doctors (as opposed to proper medical doctors). There are only two circumstances where it's acceptable to use the Dr - they are:

i) Booking flights, cos everyone likes an upgrade, right?
ii) Professional engagements where your credibility is at stake

I was extremely reluctant to have my title changed on the door of my office, on conference applications, etc. Perhaps it's an English thing? I always made jokes about working it for all it was worth if / when it ever actually arrived, and now I can't bring myself to do it!

Anyway, outside work I've been networking. Not the annoying "Hi Lars! How are the kids?" networking, but the even more annoying kind- getting computers to talk to each other. I have a couple of Macs and a Linux box. The box is running Fedora Core 7, which is a lovely OS. Unfortunately the actual machine (a 1GHz AMD) is totally kack, so nothing works (like USB, sound card and a number of other useful bits). It also sounds like an auto-gyro on full throttle when it's running. Probably some little bits of the mid-90's caught in the fan.

Will try harder to keep this up to date. Now off to Slovakia. :-D


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