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Wednesday, October 3

As Promised, Some News

News of the dog! He's a pedigree Shiba Inu, who is seven years old.  We got him when the previous owner put him up for rescue, having not had the chance to spend very much time with him.  He's taken a little while to settle in, but now he's doing great.  The good news for me is that 1) he's pretty lazy and sleeps a lot and 2) he hates mess and dirtiness.  Practically wipes his paws on the way into the house!

As you can see from the video, our back garden is a horticultural wonderland, with all the pleasures the keen gardener could ever wish for.  A "blank canvas".  Today's commuting ride was a little on the tough side because I went out fast... which meant that I was struggling on the way home, even though there was hardly any wind.  A couple of the mini-hills I go up are pretty steep and the gradient gets worse the nearer you are to the top.  A fixie nightmare.  Good news is that tomorrow my rims will arrive so I can rebuild my Mavic Classics hubs onto Open Pro rims and I can also build by slicker-than-slick 650c fixie wheels.  More on that as and when.

PS > Will be trying to tidy over the next few weeks.  There are some outdated news items and some broken links aplenty.  All photos now live on this site anyway.  I want to do an interactive route map too. 


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