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Monday, October 1

Cycling on the Fens

I've been riding a lot recently, both on my own and with Beds Road CC.  It's great to get out on the odd club run to remind myself how easy it is with other people around to offer shelter!  Some of the commuting has been really tough, with gale force winds and nowhere to hide. I find that as I get tired, turning over the fixie gets harder and harder. Eventually I'm crawling along.  Although my times are falling and I still (occasionally) feel strong, it very rapidly gets past the point of being "character building" on windy days. It's tempting to take the geared bike, but that feels like cheating. Besides, I've got a couple of lovely motorbikes that need to be ridden once in a while to keep them in good shape ;-)

I'm getting really fed up with Internet shopping too. Recently nothing has been going right. To begin with it was the sofa that got delivered, when I'd taken a morning off, an hour late. Two muscled WVMs who brought it round, and then just left it in the doorway. "We're not insured to take it upstairs - it weighs more than 32kg (!!) and that's against 'elf and safety". Which is why I had to put my own H&S to one side and get it upstairs myself. Another thing was supposed to be delivered before 08 August, as a present. It still hasn't arrived, despite going out on the delivery truck at least twice. The driver has assured his boss that he's been leaving cards. Yeah, OK. Invisible cards. Grrr. 


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