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Monday, October 22

Ride and Spinning

Powerbook is awesome.  Watch this space for iBook on eBay.  One careful owner.  Slight wear to keyboard.  See the bar on the left for info  ;-)

Went for a fast ride on Sunday, was on my Pomp but the terrain was rolling rather than hilly so it was OK.  Actually felt strong on the climbs and never in danger of getting dropped.  Last few miles turned into a mini-race for the line; 3rd of about 16.  A good feeling riding along and working hard at about 75% while someone else's HRM max limit is beeping!  

Also felt good enough to work hard in the cycle-specific spinning class tonight.  Great stuff.  I'm in the patch where I'm not tired and actually have more energy because I'm training.  I'll soon take the edge off that with utility cycling and my commute if I'm not careful.  

Have got hubs all sorted for the new wheels, but no rims as yet.  Also need to send the frame off for paint and alterations.  Names are up for discussion - Anok, Domestique or just Kona Pavement?


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