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Sunday, October 21

What a Week!

This week's gone by frighteningly quickly, it seems only a day or two since I last posted here about reporting back from my ride!  Actually it was pretty good; I went out on my 28h Dura-Ace / Open Pro wheels with Vredstein Fortezza tyres.  They are rapid wheels, and it was a pretty fast group actually, with only racing guys present.  Fast but not uncomfortable, and I wasn't in the worst state when we finished! Always a good sign :-)

Tomorrow is set to be cold, but we should have a group of 12 or 14 riders good to go by 0900.  I'm going on my blue fixie (the Pompino) so hopefully there won't be any fast descents on the ride.  To be honest they pose more of a problem than climbs, where you normally have to wait for others at the top if you're fixed! Long descents are another thing though; you've no hope of keeping up and you actually have to work!  I think we're going to be spinning up through my area, so I might have a bit of handy insider knowledge!

Some annoying laptop problems at the moment, might write about them later.  Might not though.


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