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Monday, November 19


Went out yesterday, crack of dawn in the freezing cold.  

I had my fancy "boil in the bag" Assos jacket on with a Gore windproof on underneath, Windstopper full-length gloves and waterproof socks.  On my head I had a neck tube and a headband covering my ears (and obviously my lid), and I was *just* warm enough when I was working.  Because of the threat of rain and the need to keep moving I decided to go on the Pompino, a good move in the end.

Ride was slow and flat, heading down towards Cranfield and Millbrook in a group of 5, which quickly dwindled to 2.  Final 20 miles or so was the best, cooperating and beating the wind with another guy of roughly equal strength.  I was left feeling pretty fresh, remembering 90 mile + rides in the olden days.  I'm not sure what stops people from covering those sorts of distances now.  Maybe it's the concentration on shorter events (especially in my club) and the shift towards low volume high-intensity training exemplified by HRMs, turbo trainers and intervals.

To be honest (as a non-racer at present) I really miss the good old grit-your-teeth chain gang approach.  Same guys, rain or shine, mudguards and saddlebags, strong sweet tea and rock cakes, the smell of wet wool when you get home, safe in the knowledge that you've rattled off a fair few miles in good, silent company.  Looks like I'm getting more and more "old skool" with every passing year. :-)


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