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Monday, November 12

Sunday Ride

Yesterday was a horrible day for a road ride, especially in a group of 3.  You would think that the 41mph winds (in this, the Flanders of the UK) would put me off.  Indeed I was a little unsure of how things would go as I rode the 8 miles to the start point.  I was having to pedal downhill, and my nerdy clear glasses stopped watering eyes.  Not a good cycling day.

But then the group set out and my yellow bike felt good, just the whirr of the tyres on the road and the howling gale to keep me company.  I was concentrating on ankling and a cadence of ~90rpm.  I was also thinking strategically.  This was a 60 mile+ ride on a very windy day, so echelon riding and finding shelter were going to be key.  As it was I stayed feeling pretty fresh, and was still good at the finish.

Tomorrow I have a cycling-specific spinning class, which I've probably mentioned before.  The last 3 weeks I've had the same horrible cramp in the same place at about the same time (40mins in).  Wearing a thermal wrap and driking a lot more didn't help last week, so this time I'm going to be King Sweat and wear my tights, see if that helps.  Actually it's a laugh and everything's optional,  so when I cramped up I just turned on some resistance and imagined myself up some Col for 20mins. Hardcore.

More later, as always.  I still haven't written about why mobile phones are so interesting or talked about my plans for my R1100SS.  And then there's the ongoing saga of Fedora 8, which I have parked for now 'cos it's too much work.  No DVD + no YUM upgrade = pain in the backside, leave it with 7 for a bit.  Might have a new old Linuxbox after Christmas anyway.


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