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Sunday, November 4


If anyone has any good ideas about mobile email providers that work with Orange phones (like, for example Gmail doesn't) let me know. None of the providers that I currently use will work with my phone becase most of their SSL certificates are unauthorised. All I want to be able to do is sent plain-text IMAP email from my phone.

Yesterday I was playing with my soon-to-be-replaced camera while watching some fireworks, with pretty good results. It's safe to say that the megapixel war's over now I think. The reason I'm changing isn't because I need more than 5.1mp or a 3x optical zoom. It's because the low-light performance of my early-2004 cam is terrible. I also want anti-shake and automated face recognition and metering sounds cool.

I am considering getting rid of my old telephones too. I have lost a couple and given a couple away, but I do like to keep phones for several reasons, which I'll go into later.


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