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Friday, December 21

Gallery's Back!

After a bit of wrangling with the beasts of cyberspace I've managed to get the photos back online, although I'm not 100% sure that old links will work.  I am also unsure of what the upgrade of gallery software will mean in terms of performance... Good news is that I can now have groups of registered users and I can password-protect albums of images.  Yay.

My 1988 Dommie failed it's MOT because there's a crack in the header pipe and it's noisy - fortunately I managed to get a replacement pair on eBay for £24 so no big drama.  Tomorrow is the retest, which will spell the beginning of a new era, I hope.  As well as fitting the crash bars, all the exhaust gaskets and seals will be changed, I'm having a new plug and (obv) an oil and filter change.

As well as the fail, I got advisory notes for small number plate (it's a trail bike, forget it), no rear reflector and appalling headlight aim.  Although I have the repair manual on PDF, I still had to take some of the bodywork off the bike in order to adjust the light - bummer.  Also still suffering from a weird bog-down at 4500rpm, which is only a problem some of the time.  When it sorts itself out the bike leaps from 60mph to 80mph in a few seconds!

More later, and I'll finish configuriing the gallery.  Must also fix the links on the blog side.


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