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Sunday, January 13

BRCC Group Outing

Good ride today, 30 miles into a raging headwind in a group of about 6.  A stop for coffee and a very good carrot cake was followed by another 20 miles homewards in a pair, with a lovely tailwind.  Went on my fixie, workeed perfectly and silently.  Hills seemed to go well today - I suppose I was pretty well-rested.

Have been putting junk (I mean goods) on eBay to clear the house.  Have also assembled a suitcase full of clothes for the charity shop / clothes bank.  Ah, what a relief!  Other news is that our house now has Raspberry Diva, Lunch Date and Perfectly Taupe on the walls, along with a spot of Lemon Yellow and Sidewalk. Lovely. 

On another entirely less satisfactory note, Rutland Cycles have had an order for 2x Open Pro 700C rims and 2x Open Pro 650C rims since 18 September 207.  Not good enough, I'm going to try and get the 700C ones upgraded to CD spec as a "sorry"...


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