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Wednesday, January 2


PhD corrections done, and lots more besides.  Looks like some more of my time might be my own from now on.  Have started sticking samplers of paint all over the house and have done some of the jobs I've been putting off for ages.  It's also the time of year when I need to get back down to my 'fighting weight' (doesn't everyone?!) so I'm going to hit the road again, despite the arctic temperatures and crazy drivers.... 

Motorbike wise, I've finally fixed the exhaust on my Dommie, got round to fixing the headlight when it failed the MOT ;-) and got some spiffy new crash bas fitted.  Next are the pannier rails and digital dash (probably another IMO, like this one on my XR).  BMW has had wheels painted black with reflective rim stripes.  Am alos hoping to tidy the fork metalwork, fit gorgeous Ilmberger fender and Brembo brakes, and (re)fit the belly pan I smashed.  More later!


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