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Sunday, February 10

Rattly Chest = Bad News

This morning was tough. It was a lovely morning when I woke and I thought it would be great to ride with the cycling club; sunny skies and the faintest breath of wind. I left the house on my Pomp, a blue fixie with 28mm tyres, full mudguards and a Hope disk brake on the front. It simultaneously reminds me of a quaint bygone age (do-anything road & path fixed-wheel bikes made from steel and hard as nails) with a pleasant new-tech twist (the hydraulic disk and fast wheels).

As soon as I started I knew this wouldn't be good. In the past I have been proven wrong after a pessimistic start, so I was hoping for a second wind. But there was no power in my legs, and I had 17km to rapidly cover before even meeting the BRCC guys. To cut a long story very short I suffered, and it seems my innocuous snot-cold has migrated south into my chest to become a scary rattly wheeze. It was a mistake to go out I think, should have cruised some trails on my MTB. Oh well. Heating turned up, a long hot shower and a large cup of tea will fix it.

Yesterday I collected the wheels for my new project. I need a tough, zero-maintenance commuting bike. It should be as light and simple as possible, but I'd also like something agile and fun to ride. A half-decent MTB with 20mm slicks might do the job, but where's the elegance? I have the following parts all ready to go: a long carbon seatpost, carbon flat bars w/ carbon stubbies, a Hope mono mini front disk, some Pace RC31 rigid forks, a pair of 650C open pro rims, Goldtec rear and Hope Pro II front hubs, Cook Bros Racing crankset. This is the sort of thing I'm aiming for. A sleek, smooth, uncomplicated brute of a road bike. No extraneous junk. No function over form. One good gear, one good brake. Fast (and I mean fast) wheels. Hardly any weight, despite the steel frame. It's going to be good.

Now all I have to do is think of a name. Element? Mote? Atom? Wisp? Suggestions welcome, aiming to capture desirable but simple / pure object, with speed and elegance.


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