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Sunday, April 13


Have been in the garage, tinkering with my bike.  Of the many fasteners on the front of the bike only two gave problems.  One was the lower-left mudguard bolt, which was a rusty mess.  I finally managed to get it out by hammering in a torx bit, but I will need to get another before I reassemble the bike.  

The other was more annoying - one of the brake disk bolts.  They are all torx T40,  and most came off with no problem, despite lots of (probably OEM) threadlock.  But this one refused to move and the head finally broke.  I might have to pay someone to cut a slot in it to remove it.  As long as they don't drill it out I'll be fine.

Good points?  Well my calipers are relatively un-manky and the bolts were all nicely copaslipped.  The pads were good and my disks have loads of life in them.  Axle was clean and greased, and came out with no probs.  Wheel bearings also all look good.

Bad stuff?  Well my OEM mudguard is knackered - more than it looked on the bike.  I was hoping to have it sprayed, but it won't work.  eBay it is.  My steering damper is covered in a sort of greasy fur.  It doesn't damp any more.  I could chuck it away, or replace it from a scrappper.  The finish on the fork legs is shocking, so I will need to get spraying with the smoothrite to make things spick and span.  Final bad point is that I need a new rear shock - a tall Sports one ($$$).  Will try and source of from the guy who is servicing my bike pre-Istan.

More news when front wheel is painted and back on the bike.  Am also getting the belly pan back.  Woo.  No news on how good the HIDs and horn are yet, as I haven't been able to use them properly.


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