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Saturday, April 5

Weird Week

My BMW bike is in parts, awaiting some TLC.  Good news is that I have had the rear wheel tidied and a new tyre fitted.  Front wheel is still waiting, in the bike.  It's a problem to get some 1/2" drive torx bits to take it apart!  

Once I remove the front wheel the fun begins - repainting the forks and the front wishbone, cleaning out the brakes and fitting a new Ilmberger front fender, which I've had in the garage for about 18 months.  The wheel's going to be 2-pack sprayed satin black and I'll apply the red reflective rim stripes and fit a new front tyre (in the garage already).  Finally everything willl go back together, including the belly pan.  It's all a lot of hassle, for a moderately tidy bike at the end.  The problem is a medium-distance commute 12mnths per year, and no car.

Now I have a car (which is doing between 38 and 41mpg and 500 miles between fillls), I have a lot more flexibility with the bike.  I have some jobs to do before riding to Istan, but I'm confident I'll be ready.  The HID, rear LEDs and truck horn are already fitted and working well.


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