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Saturday, May 17


As well as painting the wheels of my R1100S I've been having some bodywork painted. This was necessary because of some damage (my fault), and I decided to use the opportunity to make the bike a little more unique.

I went with the bellypan as a colour-match, but with Boxer Cup Replika (BCR) official decals added. For the top half of the bike I went with a white "GT Stripe". Actually the BMW bodywork lends itself well to this, because the centre headlight panel is separate, as is the centre panel on the tank. The single-seat cowl and tail-light surround were masked and sprayed. Hopefully all will look good. A bit more sporty without being too overt.

Next time I ride the bike will be the first time I've used the HID lights, the MASSIVE truck horn and the new and improved bodywork.


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