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Friday, August 22

Overdue News - Shock Wanted...

Have been enjoying the car on the miserable days and the (motor)bike on the fine ones for the last few weeks. I am very lucky to have such a great commute; when I need good fuel economy or the weather's bad I can sit at 80mph on the main roads, but on nice days I can blast to the same destination on brilliant windy lanes. Problems are that the bike desperately needs a new shock and the car needs an oil change. Interestingly, I tested my new Garmin Edge 305 as a datalogger the other week on a rideout. Simply left it on all day. Got home and had a speed / position / distance plot on Google Earth in a matter of moments. Brilliant. Next time I'm going to wear the HRM strap, so I can see the anxiety build with the average speed ;-)


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