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Monday, November 10

Weather and Travel

After an Alan Partridge week staying in a hotel, I'm glad to be home.  Unfortunately my car needs fixing, my bike needs the new shock I have fitting and the other one needs an exhaust.  Ouch.  Credit crunch indeed.  

As for the cycling, I think perhaps it's time to spend some money on the Pompino.  For one I want to refresh the drive train (new cog, chainring and decent quality chain).  But I also want to lower teh gearing slightly to account for the cold weather and slower club runs.  While I'm at it I'll give it a clean, possibly a new bottom bracket and certainly a new pair of tyres - the ones on it have been absolutely brilliant, but the front (ex-back) one is bald and the rear (ex-front) one has a worrying sidewall bulge.  Hmm.  

Will hit the web with some pics when I've done it.


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