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Sunday, January 25

Pompino Refresh = Small Victory

Finally got round to the spring refresh of my commuting bike.  Off go the Vittoria Zaffiros (excellent grip but a little energy-sapping due to the almost-cyclocross tread) and on go a fab pair of Conti Sport Attack (must remember the exact name...).  Although both tyres are all-weather 700x28, they couldn't be more different.  I will be less happy with towpaths and bridleways on the Contis, but that's what my MTB's for!

The other stuff I did was a full transmision fix.  I went from a 42x15 to a 42x16, and from a 1/8 chain to a 3/32.  This involved a new wipperman chain with a quiklink, a new TA chainring and an additional Dura-Ace cog and lockring.  I say additional because 2 chains, at least 5 pairs of tyres and a chainring have not dented the 15t on the wheel.  All that time and grime has firmly welded it in place though.  Apologies to the bike shop who broke their lockring spanner on my behalf, but the cog's staying.  The change in chain diameter was a conscious one - a messenger bike has a hard life, all skid-stops and maximum-attack acceleration.  My work bike at the moment cruises on flattish terrain.  Less transmission inertia and noise will be welcome.  You can keep your chrome track chains... for now.

So what difference?  Well the gearing was a welcome change, and the new tyres bring out a Mr Hyde in the Pomp's handling that I'd forgotten was there - engaging, sparkly and very precise.  Lovely.  Other things to report include: TA chainring - very round and an excellent fit, although the machining on the teeth was very sharp.  Goldtec hub and Open Pro CD grey rims - amazing finish, cleans up as new.  Only other things to fix are a new (old) Selle Italia Flite Alpes saddle and another re-wrap of the bar tape.  Oh, and maybe some new lighting.


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