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Friday, April 10

Adelaide - 10,200 miles from home

Had a pleasant long drive down this morning, passing several bloated
(dead) roos in the middle of the road, and an unbelievable amount of
miscellaneous roadkill. Since I last updated this I have seen many
more live roos and a few native emus (as well as a giant wedge-tailed
eagle, 1.5m across!) In the city I checked into the same hotel I
stayed in before. Last time I got a 'corporate' booking and had a
terrible room with no breakfast, this time I booked myself on the
website and I got a great room, free brekkie and a complimentary
bottle of South Australian Shiraz! Nice. Found out today that
there's a really old law in New Sth Wales that Good Friday is a dry
day - nowhere is allowed to sell alcohol. I also stumbled across
another fact that is worth a mention; we're near the longest fence in
the world. 5,300km of fence runs through Sth Australia, designed to
keep native dogs off the fertile lands used for grazing sheep. Have
got some more photos to put online at some point. Only real news is
that it's still hot, it's still dry and I'm not quite bored of the
outback yet, although the green and pleasant lands of Beds are
sounding quite appealing!


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