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Tuesday, April 28

Outback Report

More photos in the gallery and more problems with the cars- one
Pathfinder has suffered 3 punctures in 5 days and the other (which just
had 4x off-road tyres) has had a big hit to the sump, which has now
started leaking oil. When we got it on the ramp, the local mechanic was
surprised how little protection was under the vehicle. His verdict - "a
school-run SUV". The hit wasn't even that big! If only we'd been able
to get Hiluxes. Other news is that we went on a nice little jaunt to
Lake Torrens, an enormous national park near here. I say near here...
actually it's 98km each way on a sheep station road which steadily
becomes more extreme. All the stuff about the most interesting places
being difficult to get to seemed true though - great views and loads of
wildlife (pics uploaded already). Work going OK, feel like I've been
here forever. My plans to ride the Canning Stock route on a bike might
be on hold for a while, but I still want to do it.


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