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Thursday, April 9

Settling In

Getting used to the harsh realities of outback life- no internet at
home, very little in the way of shopping and a 45min drive to the
supermarket. May be heading down to the city for Easter though - a
mere 6hr drive! Weather has been lovely - warm and sunny with a
refreshing wind. Have been burning around in a massive 4x4, which I
enjoy. I have been thinking, and I like the idea of finding a truck
here and importing it to the UK (no rain so no rust, and RHD). We'll
see how that idea goes down when I get home. To see the sort of thing
I mean, search for ozi_truck in the photo gallery. Missing home and
dog a lot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't think you'll need to wait til you get home to find out whether your idea goes down well............
ha ha
I think not - is the answer....

09 April, 2009 12:58  

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