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Monday, May 11

Weekend Thoughts

Surprised by how good some of the "Seal does Motown" tunes are from his
latest album. Some is rubbish as well, of course. Weekend flew by with
Sunday spent at a nice wedding. Some funny games and good food. This
week contains a lot of admin (!) Exciting news regarding some online
purchasing and some progress in the motorbike arena. I think there will
be changes in my shed soon. Oh, another thing worth mentioning is the
BBC F1 coverage -it's great to have a useful website with real-time
content! Nerdy I know, but there is something cool about having a
console of useful info and text reporting open (or indeed an in-car shot
that never cuts away) on the laptop while you're watching the race on
telly. Speaking of laptops, the Samsung NC10 I got recently proved
itself invaluable on a recent trip away. I didn't have a work computer,
so I ended up using the netbook (in fedora, natch) for everything,
attracting envious looks from the contractors with their leaden Dells!
In 40 days there was nothing it couldn't do. It even accompanied me on
some pretty gnarly off-road driving days without any complaining.
Awesome. And brilliant value for money as well. Sunny here so I'll be
going to work on the bike, yee ha.


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