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Tuesday, August 4

Aussie Rules

More time in Australia, working for the common good! This time I packed my moutain bike, thinking it would be great to hit the outback trails. Well - almost two weeks in and I've racked up a grand total of 2hrs riding. It was a good two hours though. I went out of town and followed a service road under a set of pylons for a few kms (until I got a bit worried about being alone in the outback!) Then I turned and followed a pipeline route back towards town. All in all it was a nice square route. I have a garmin bike computer / gps, which really put my mind at rest because I could see the map of my ride developing. Not bad when you decide it's time to ride back to base. Other than that, have been doing some more off-roading in a 4x4. Last time we had Pathfinders (link)... this time they knew who we were and sourced some hard-as-nails Patrols. Much better, they really take the hits well. Only downside is that they're shocking on the road. Why someone would buy one for the school run mystifies me. Another little teeny bit of news is that is online and belongs to me! More at some point.


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