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Saturday, August 8

Heading Home (Again)

More time on the other side of the world has come to an end. It's
pretty much the same as the UK, except for water going the other way
down the plug and people greeting each other with "how y'goin?" Have
once again missed the opportunity to meet up with old buddies in
Melbourne, but perhaps I'll come back for leisure at some point. Will
be nice to be back in the UK- this trip was long enough to miss things
at home but not quite long enough to get comfortable. Should have left
bike at home (the very fact that I took it means I didn't get any time
to use it!) Should have also remembered that the accommodation had a
washing machine and only taken 3/4 days clothes. Humph. Heading back
for Sunday. Looking forward to a lot of mooching and possibly a bit of
very English castle maintenance; mowing the lawn and washing the car.
No more 'flat whites' for a while!


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