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Monday, August 17

Stupid Windows!!

As you may know I have been using a Samsung NC10 netbook since about Christmas without any problems.  I had some 'features' during the Fedora 10 > 11 upgrade, but apart from that I've been enjoying rock-solid stability, amazing speed and incredible battery life, as well as a free *nix experience.  Well recently the dream died.  I was absent-mindedly trying to optimise my BIOS settings (mistake 1!) and I accidentally hit F4 instead of F2.  Cue the stupid Windows Recovery Tool (?!?!?) overwriting the main disk MBR.  Can you imagine anything more annoying?  So now I have to go through a painful booting-to-USB process in order to restore GRUB.  Seriously, when I get it fixed I'm going to destroy the Windoze Recovery Partition to stop this EVER happening again.  No warnings, no "are you sure" messages.  Ultimate PITA factor and yet another M$ fail.  Very unhappy.


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