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Friday, October 8

October Bike Prep

16 degrees outside and failing light. I've been prepping the R1100S
for a French road trip. The sporty trim that I've enjoyed for the last
few months isn't going to cut it for the next few days; so the single
seat unit came off (and got dropped onto the driveway in the process,
fail). Non-slip mat on the back half of the Corbin? Check. 42L topbox
and nasty Givi rack? Check. Satnav fitted to the bracket? Check. I
also refitted the delightful little bungee hooks to the tail unit,
added bracing zip ties to the rear indicators, checked the oil,
changed the rear brake pads and fitted a Lexan headlight protector. To
be honest the headlight thing's fairly horrible, but a stone though
the lens when the HID is at full temp could easily cost me £100 in gas
unit. It wouldn't be a roadside fix either... Tomorrow morning means
loading up and heading out. More as and when. Woot!


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