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Sunday, December 12

iPhone 4 Thoughts

My Blackberry issues were pretty bad, and I had a major personal festival the other week - so to cut a long story short I ended up with a rather pretty iPhone 4. Now I am a bit of an Apple fan, but my interest really stayed with the computers. My house does not contain an iPad or an Apple TV (although at least 3 generations of iPods have passed through). I'll use the phone for a few days and report back my personal observations, along with perhaps linking to some of the other 5bn 'personal observations on the iPhone' I find on the web. Starter for 10 though - the Android phone we has includes a sweet little app to disable comms (wi-fi, bluetooth and mobile network, plus all and none). My berry also has that as an accessible option - I mean, why have a mobile device hunting for wifi while you're in the car or in the middle of the night? This does not seem possible on the iPhone; a fact I find hard to believe. Maybe I'm having a n00b episode or I need to kind a 'killer app' - time will tell.


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