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Wednesday, November 16

So this is England...

Home after far too long away, and I have lots of pics to upload to the gallery as soon as time allows. They include some amazing Maldives snaps and some froma  recent foreign trip. I also have some home nerdery to report on, including 2x new Mac Minis, more netbook Fedora updates and iPad and iPhone junk to do with home networking and remote management apps. Wow, that sounds fun. And I am gyming too, which means I will re-start the rides to work blogging. 5 degrees and misty today, not a great day for riding although it was very still. I am jetlagged out though. More soon! PS > I am also seeking a fix for the weird line-end characters the Blogger dashboard widget adds (I will not correct them in this post so you see what I mean) - maybe it's just me, as there doesn't seem to be much internet complaining about it...


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